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3 Qualities of Outstanding Employees

Do you believe that a business won’t achieve its full potential without a strong workforce? Most successful businesses prove that one of the keys to success are outstanding employees. This idea applies mostly to hospitality businesses where employees are the first to encounter and engage with customers. In short, the kind of service they give …

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Recognition: The Secret Ingredient for a Great Store Culture

I’ve regularly heard hospitality described as a thankless profession. Guests too often only pause to give feedback if it’s a complaint. More often than not, management follows suit – giving their team members feedback only when they’ve done something wrong. Compounding this feedback cycle day by day, week by week and month by month, is …

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The Secret Ingredient to Creating a Winning Menu

When I was younger, my father drummed into me the well-known principle of ‘balance’: Life is about balance – you need some time for work, essentials (like sleep) and fun. If you have too much of one, then the others are out of kilter (balance) and you can suffer. As I began my career as …

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