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An Unexpected Fairytale: Advocacy Campaigns and Customers

If you’re not living under a rock, then you have probably seen or read the story of Cinderella. If not, it’s basically about a girl who faced a series of unfortunate events because of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Further in the story, she attends a ball and meets a prince then the clock strikes …

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Un-Serviced Service: The Future of Restaurants & Cafes?

Internationally, there’s a wave of hospitality businesses experimenting with technology to reinvent their service experience, which is also having the effect of slashing their labour costs. Whilst some of the examples we’ve referenced below might seem extreme, further industry disruption by technology is inevitable. So is un-serviced service the way of the future or are …

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Dancing Chefs Extraordinaire! (Plus Other Great Ways to Stand Out in Business)

Becoming – and remaining – a prominent and dominant force in the crowded world of business can be quite tricky. This always holds true, whether you are just starting your own business or already own a successful restaurant or cafe in your area. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of businesses all vying for the attention …

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10 Skills to Navigate Your Hospitality Adventure

Working in the hospitality industry means being a jack-of-all-trades and calling on a range of skills at any moment. At times I have been (just to name a few): Audio Visual Technician – helping clients with laptops, presentations, programs, sounds, lighting, staging and displays. Chandelier Maker – I have built chandeliers from nuts and bolts, …

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