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Hospitality training



From apprentice to industry leader, Ali Orchard’s journey in hospitality will inspire you

  Expertise and intense passion for the hospitality industry are just some of the driving forces behind Redmako trainer Ali Orchard, who since the age of 21 was already managing several restaurants, cafés and nightclubs in and around Brisbane.   Since entering hospitality at the tender age of 16 and completing her Diploma of Hospitality …

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6 Signs You Will Be Successful In The Hospitality Industry

As a senior student you’re probably worried about exams and what the future will hold, like where you’re going to be in five years and what you’ll be doing. Perhaps you’ve already had some careers advice or taken an online personality test to get a few ideas but have you considered the hospitality industry? There …

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How to be cool and empowering parents

  As a parent, being cool could mean helping your kids reach their full potential and achieve their dreams. Seeing your children happy and fulfilled is, in itself, a reward. While the exact formula for good parenting is subjective at best, we have some idea of the qualities of parents that can help their children …

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Masterchef “Fascination” vs Hospitality Industry Crisis – What’s the Mismatch?

“If it’s already a skills shortage crisis, what will happen if action isn’t taken and the situation gets worse?” The finale to Masterchef Australia 2015 aired this week to a whopping audience of 2.7 Million people! That’s 2,700,000 people in a country that’s reported to only have a population of just over 23 Million or …

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Training staff goes a long way in employee retention

Are you sick of constantly having to look for a new chef? Do you feel as if you’re constantly placing a new ad on SEEK and going back through the interviewing, orientating and training rigmarole? Are you at risk of your other kitchen staff becoming disenfranchised with constantly having to start again with training up a new chef and starting all over again?

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Getting Qualified through Redmako Training

More often than not, it’s hard to find a part-time job that will help you fast-track your career and unleash your full potential. Fortunately, a few industries offer the opportunity to enjoy, learn, and earn just like many young people in Australia. The hospitality industry is one such industry. If you want to make it …

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The Benefits of Training your Employees

A trained employee is a productive employee! Training your staff is the sure fire way of giving them the essential skills to be successful and to effectively contribute to your business. The main benefit of training is improved productivity and service quality to your customers from your highly-skilled staff.  These improvements often translate to increased …

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Growing A Coffee Plant in Queensland

I was first introduced to the idea of growing my own coffee by my grandpa. One day while showing me around his yard, Grandpa suggested I eat a small red fruit that he called a cherry. Now, it didn’t look like any cherry I had ever seen before, but he assured me that it was …

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