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Masterchef “Fascination” vs Hospitality Industry Crisis – What’s the Mismatch?

“If it’s already a skills shortage crisis, what will happen if action isn’t taken and the situation gets worse?” The finale to Masterchef Australia 2015 aired this week to a whopping audience of 2.7 Million people! That’s 2,700,000 people in a country that’s reported to only have a population of just over 23 Million or …

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Hospitality: When You Need to Say No

Optimism, a can-do attitude and saying “Yes!” are common traits amongst long-time hospitality workers. It’s common to hear advice about how important saying ‘yes’ is, how you need to always offer solutions and not problems, and how you need to get around that dreaded ‘no’ somehow. But in the can-do industry where we are here to …

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