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Masterchef “Fascination” vs Hospitality Industry Crisis – What’s the Mismatch?

“If it’s already a skills shortage crisis, what will happen if action isn’t taken and the situation gets worse?” The finale to Masterchef Australia 2015 aired this week to a whopping audience of 2.7 Million people! That’s 2,700,000 people in a country that’s reported to only have a population of just over 23 Million or …

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10 Skills to Navigate Your Hospitality Adventure

Working in the hospitality industry means being a jack-of-all-trades and calling on a range of skills at any moment. At times I have been (just to name a few): Audio Visual Technician – helping clients with laptops, presentations, programs, sounds, lighting, staging and displays. Chandelier Maker – I have built chandeliers from nuts and bolts, …

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