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rml parents and schools

Redmako Learning has a long-standing history of working very closely with schools in providing opportunity & supporting School Based Trainees. Redmako Learning works in conjunction with schools across the following initiatives: 

rml parents and schools

Redmako Learning works with schools to deliver VETiS & we shape our support to reduce headaches & stressors that sometimes can plague VETiS programs. This support includes:

  • Dedicated VETiS Enrolment Officers – we assign an Enrolment Officer to your school program to take care of the ENTIRE enrolment process. Yes – we’ll chase the Medicare cards, identification, proof of address & parents signatures!
  • Tutorial support for students – we understand that students can fall behind or get stuck with a particular assessment item or maybe even just forget their credentials to access the Learning Management System. Your VETiS Students will be assigned a dedicated Tutor who will monitor their progress or lack thereof & proactively reach out to offer special support
  • Work experience coordination – if the VETiS program your students are undertaking requires a work placement, Redmako Learning will take full responsibility for coordinating such. The cohort of students requiring placement will be assigned to a Redmako Learning Placement Support Officer who will be charged with placing the students and then monitoring the students’ performance in the workplace, plus the Employers satisfaction with the placed students.
  • Assessment support for Teachers without Currency – Redmako Learning understands that schools regularly face the challenge that Teachers charged with delivering VETiS programs often lack currency. To counter this obstacle, Redmako Learning can work with your school to implement strategies for Assessment Support ie. having a Redmako Learning Assessor conduct & sign-off assessment.

Redmako Learning are keen to help your school effectively deliver VETiS – hence contact us today to initiate a discussion about how we could frame a program to work very effectively for your school!

Redmako Learning is a big proponent of the value of Traineeships & Apprenticeships – recognising the work & life skills that can be attained via such, are foundation skills that will stay with students for life. Redmako Learning are very committed to delivering a very professional SAT experience for your students & school.

  • Vacancy Recruitment Process – Redmako Learning believe the learning journey in a Traineeship or Apprenticeship starts well before enrolment or sign-up. We work hard to identify a wide array of Employers willing to take on a Trainee or Apprentice, but a legitimate recruitment process is still pursued, schooling the Student on how to prepare & put their best foot forward at an interview. Redmako Learning assist students prepare by providing interview guides + questions, also sending these to Parents encouraging their support of their child via encouragement & practice.
  • Same, Same but Different – Redmako Learning stream our learning resources to flex to different venues, hence students may be doing the same qualification, but it could be constructed by widely varying units as determined by the Trainer upon assessing the resources available in the workplace
  • Clustering of Units & Assessment – repetition can be a wonderful tool in education, but it walks a fine line against boredom & dis-engagement. Redmako Learning works hard in curating all of their Learning resources to maximise efficiencies & reduce the risk of dis-engagement by clustering units & assessment wherever possible. This enables much more efficient progression through the qualification & inspires ‘momentum’ which is the fuel that leads to higher completion rates
  • Flexible Delivery – Redmako Learning can flex the program to be 100% delivered vocationally or blended, conducting some training & assessment at school and the balance at the workplace
  • Dedicated Trainer & Tutor – all Redmako Learning Trainees & Apprentices are assigned a dedicated Trainer & Tutor. The Trainer they’ll meet face to face, monthly to inspire them on the subject matter & the Tutor they’ll talk to ~twice per month in-between Training sessions to ensure they’re progressing with their workbooks & online quizzes.
  • Reporting – we understand it’s critical for you to know the progress of your student within their traineeship or apprenticeship, that’s why we send you a monthly report of the progress / status of ALL students you have enrolled with Redmako Learning

SATs enjoy a raft of benefits from undertaking the Traineeship or Apprenticeship, including:

  • Could help fast-track their career
  • Gain up to 8 points towards their Queensland Certificate of Education
  • Improve their entry into university
  • Gain a nationally-recognised qualification
  • Earn money while they learn
  • Get out of classrooms and into the real work environment
  • Combination of theoretical and practical learning
  • Opportunity to travel and work after school
  • Grow in confidence and skill
  • Realise their potential
  • Learn from trainers who’ve had amazing careers & life experiences, normally in a 1:1 training environment
  • Have a dedicated trainer to help them face-to-face
  • Easy-to-use online learning and assessment portal
  • Super relevant learning and fun training sessions
  • We firmly believe that school comes first – in other words, the student’s traineeship has to complement their school commitments, and not impede or disrupt them.

The delivery of Diplomas in-schools presents a fantastic opportunity, particularly for University bound students. Potentially improving a students’ OP or Rank + helping accrue credit towards their University Degree (& the associated Uni fee savings that could be enjoyed on account of this) are significant benefits to your students & their parents. Redmako Learning look beyond these obvious benefits to shape their Diploma In-School programs to maximise the future academic & professional prospects of enrolled students via:

  • Enhancing remote collaboration & teamwork – the globalisation & internationalisation of Australian business is massively increasing the incidence of remote office contact. Redmako Learning’s Diploma In-Schools programs are preferentially taught via webinars & virtual classrooms, with group assignments involving having to collaborate with students from a variety of different schools + locations via video conference & modern business software collaboration tools. Hence not only will the subject matter grow the Students, but how they study will mirror increasingly real World realities and the growth of these skills will be a formidable advantage to students
  • Enhanced content & industry engagement – webinar & virtual classroom delivery enables access to superior industry talent, which is nigh impossible with classroom delivery (unless you can access alumni or those very generous with their time to travel to one particular school, etc). All Redmako Learning Diploma In-School programs feature a monthly guest lecture by an industry expert and these real stories + experiences help student engagement immeasurably
  • Leveraging technology – video conferencing, webinars, virtual & augmented reality, SAAS apps, etc, are common place in Universities & businesses. Redmako Learning makes them common place in their Diploma In-School programs too, we believe increasing technology literacy must be another fringe benefit to any Diploma In-School program your students undertake
  • Social / Community – the critical importance of community & social learning isn’t lost on Redmako Learning despite availing their Diploma In-Schools programs to even just one student in a school. This is because our learning management system has been designed with social plug-ins (e.g. private Facebook groups) & forums to drive social learning and this is paired with integrated Gamification to drive student engagement. Whether you have one student enrolling or 60 in a Redmako Learning Diploma In-Schools program, you can rest assured they’ll be plugged into a wonderful community of students from a variety of other schools and this experience is deliberately curated & moderated to yield outstanding outcomes

Whilst incorporating these features, Redmako Learning also offer the following benefits:

  • Flexible payments plans for course fees
  • Flexible minimum number of students – our webinar & virtual classroom enrolments feature no-minimum, so even if you’ve only got one student wanting to do a particular Diploma qualification, we could accommodate them & they’ll still enjoy wonderful community with Students from different schools
  • Flexible delivery – whilst we strongly encourage webinar & virtual classroom enrolments, we can facilitate classroom delivery if this is something your school is set on
  • Tutorial Support – in addition to the weekly class Students will enjoy with their Trainer, they’ll be assigned a dedicated Tutor who will monitor their progress and lend additional support in-between classes. Redmako Learning understand the critical importance of momentum throughout the course of study, recognising some well directed ‘pushing & prodding’ can have great effect on realising progress & countering stagnation.
  • Reporting – we understand it’s critical for you to know the progress of your students, that’s why we send you a monthly report featuring an update on their progress, plus any comments from their assigned Trainer & Tutor. In addition, you’ll have an assigned Redmako Learning School Liaison who can assist or get updates / answers for you at any time.
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