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Would you like to improve the profitability of your store and improve the skill levels of your staff whilst earning Government financial incentives? Redmako Learning is the hospitality traineeship specialist in Queensland. We offer Certificate level training to school-based and non-school-based staff in the hospitality industry. We can train your current staff or help you employee a school-based trainee or apprentice.

Benefits of Completing a Traineeship with Redmako

  • Depending on the staff member, our Redmako traineeships are fully or partially funded by the Government.
  • Improved profitability of your store through higher-quality staff members who are confident and highly skilled.
  • Training is completed in the workplace, which means your staff are in your store, not in a classroom.
  • Simple, time-effective process. We’ll guide you through the required paperwork.
  • We provide a free recruitment service for any school-based trainees you would like to have in your store.
  • Our trainers come from a wide range of hospitality backgrounds, so we know what we’re talking about, how to answer your questions and how to make your team’s learning super relevant.
  • Our trainers will help your staff one-on-one with anything they need help with, and will visit them every month for a 2 hour training session.
  • Our training is tailored to your store. Your staff will learn what they need to be successful in your business – e.g. if you’re a coffee shop we’ll dedicate extra units to teaching them about coffee.
  • We already work with over 500 hospitality businesses.
  • We provide an end-to-end service for hospitality businesses – we care about seeing your business grow and succeed.
  • We care about you, your staff and your business.
  • We have great relationships with students, schools, workplaces and Government agencies.
Redmako Traineeships & Apprenticeships
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