Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does training take to complete?

This obviously depends on what course you undertake & the delivery method. A traineeship in a Certificate III in Hospitality for instance, is ‘competency based’, so there is not a strict timeline, but there is a minimum timeframe a Trainee must complete within a workplace of 375 hours. Alternatively, a Diploma being delivered at school may have the curriculum perfectly planned to span your senior years of Year 11 & 12. To get the best answer on training duration, it’s best to speak to a Redmako Team Member about your specific situation.

Can I do a Diploma whilst I'm still studying at secondary school?

Yes, however this could be subject to what school you attend & the policies or programs they have available. Some schools have arrangements with the likes of Redmako Learning to avail enrolment in a Diploma as a senior schooling elective, which can have wonderful benefits if you’re planning to matriculate as you could achieve significant credit towards your university course (you could even get credit for your entire 1st year of Uni!)

What time commitment will undertaking a Traineeship take?

Our trainer will spend 2 hours with you each month, plus you’ll have at least 1 hour of theory to do per week and likely ~2 calls from your Tutor each month just to assist you in progressing. You can do your theory in one go or spread it out over the month.

Where can I do my Traineeship?

Undertaking a Traineeship is predicated on you being employed in that industry – for example, if you were doing a Hospitality Traineeship you’d need to be employed in a restaurant, cafe, etc.

What is a traineeship?

A traineeship is a Certificate or Diploma level qualification delivered vocationally in the workplace.

Can OP students do traineeships?

Yes, OP Students are eligible to undertake a Traineeship & many find it helps round out their secondary school learning experience. However your school may have a specific policy on this & hence it’s best to check with your ILO or VET Coordinator.  

Can anyone undertake a Redmako Pre-Employment Program?

No, Redmako Learning Pre-Employment Programs (e.g. Hospitality Pre-Employment Program) are run in conjunction with jobactive Providers and are only available to their eligible, registered Job Seekers. If you are a registered Job Seeker & interested in completing a Pathway Program, please contact Redmako Learning today & we’ll explore whether there’s an opportunity for us to work with the particular Job Active Provider in your area.