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Wanna Get a Head Start Even Before Graduation? A Hospitality Traineeship May Just Be What You Need.

Surely you can’t help but ask a few questions now that Grade 12 graduation is just around the corner. How’s life like outside school? What are the chances of getting into university? A good way to answer those questions is by having some real life learning experience outside class. Getting some paid learning experience can …

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5 Reasons How A Hospitality Job Can Make You Happy

Ending a day’s work with a smile on your face is the goal of many people. You know you are lucky if you are in a job that lets you disappear in the moment and makes you lose track of time. Before you know it, the bell has rung and it’s time to go home …

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Using Food Photography to Market Your Hospitality Business

If aliens were to visit Earth and check out social media, they’d think ours is a planet ruled by cats—or cupcakes. You know it: the only thing people adore as much as a cute kitty meme and a good selfie is an excellent food shot. Even as the whole Internet has become a food photography …

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What Makes an Awesome Loyalty Program?

Creating loyal customers is like making friends. You can’t expect your clients to give you their trust right away. You need to understand and treat them well. You have to communicate with them and give them what they need and like, too. Giving away a thoughtful treat or two can do wonders, which is why …

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5 Tips to Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Customers each have a different story to tell. Some may be having a crappy day while some may be having the best day of their life. In the hospitality industry, you meet people from different walks of life; people who for some reason or another, chose to spend time in your restaurant or café. Every …

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Hospitality Talk: How to Promote Your Business this 2016

If you think your first-class menu is enough to get customers for your hospitality business, you’re in for a hard awakening. With restaurants and cafés rising up left and right, competition remains among your biggest obstacles to market dominance. What should you do about it? Aside from making your business stand out, you must also …

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Negative Feedback on Social Media Can Be a Disaster. Here’s how You Can Handle it Like a Boss.

The trend of using social media as a tool for marketing has been a tactic among big and small businesses for over a decade now. Predicted to have 2.5 billion users by 2018, social media is set to be one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. This shift towards online marketing is also evident …

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3 Qualities of Outstanding Employees

Do you believe that a business won’t achieve its full potential without a strong workforce? Most successful businesses prove that one of the keys to success are outstanding employees. This idea applies mostly to hospitality businesses where employees are the first to encounter and engage with customers. In short, the kind of service they give …

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Why Hospitality: Five Great Reasons to Choose Hospitality

Hospitality is a great starting point for every young person. It teaches them customer service which is the basis of nearly every role they are ever going to perform.  Having great customer service skills will carry them throughout life; it can open up many more opportunities for them and will also make them better-rounded individuals. …

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Happy Australia Day: Five Awesome Last Minute Ideas for Hospitality Businesses

As Australians start planning in anticipation of Australia Day, hospitality businesses may join the revelry by incorporating the Aussie spirit into their products and services. We offer you five tips you can use to celebrate Australia’s beginnings. 1. Prepare a special menu What’s Australia Day without food? As many are setting up their backyard barbecues, …

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