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Personality Development



Proven Benefits of Apprenticeship in Businesses

  In general, most businesses see apprenticeship programs as an added liability. Sponsoring an apprentice can be costly and tedious for a business. However, despite a rise in popularity and proven benefits, apprenticeship opportunities for businesses aren’t fully understood and utilized by organizations. Apprenticeships have a number of benefits that will provide a positive impact …

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Confidence: The Key Ingredient in Job Hunting and Career Success

  One of the most crucial aspects of job hunting is a person’s confidence. Never underestimate its importance because a lack of self-confidence might eventually sabotage your career. If you yourself can’t believe in your capabilities and expertise, how else can you convince a potential employer – who is a total stranger – to hire …

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Picking Top Talent: How to Lure the Best Professionals

  Searching for the right people for the job isn’t easy, let alone hiring them to work at your company. The people you need will definitely have strong talent and commitment to their work and are usually employed at a different organization, making it hard to land star employees that excel in what they do. …

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How is VR different from Actual Experience?

  Can virtual experiences ever be as good as actual experiences? The people at ‘Rekall’ would certainly say so whilst the sort of people who hate eReaders because they prefer “real books” would say different. However, when it comes to education there’s barely any discernible difference with both virtual and traditional learning having balancing pros …

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Why is Your Job Search Missing the Mark (And How You Can Fix It)?

  Many people are clueless about how to start looking for a job and confused on what their career path is. While this confusion may not always be a major setback, it may give you false perception of where you are relative to your goals. Worse: it may get difficult to look for jobs, companies …

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How to Work Effectively with School Leavers

  As a hospitality business owner you’re probably already stretched to breaking point and that pressure will only increase if you’re understaffed or have unqualified crew. It’s a lot to shoulder but you can lighten the load and do something positive for the future of your business if you invest in hiring school leavers. There …

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6 Signs You Will Be Successful In The Hospitality Industry

As a senior student you’re probably worried about exams and what the future will hold, like where you’re going to be in five years and what you’ll be doing. Perhaps you’ve already had some careers advice or taken an online personality test to get a few ideas but have you considered the hospitality industry? There …

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Wanna Get a Head Start Even Before Graduation? A Hospitality Traineeship May Just Be What You Need.

Surely you can’t help but ask a few questions now that Grade 12 graduation is just around the corner. How’s life like outside school? What are the chances of getting into university? A good way to answer those questions is by having some real life learning experience outside class. Getting some paid learning experience can …

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5 Tips to Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Customers each have a different story to tell. Some may be having a crappy day while some may be having the best day of their life. In the hospitality industry, you meet people from different walks of life; people who for some reason or another, chose to spend time in your restaurant or café. Every …

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Negative Feedback on Social Media Can Be a Disaster. Here’s how You Can Handle it Like a Boss.

The trend of using social media as a tool for marketing has been a tactic among big and small businesses for over a decade now. Predicted to have 2.5 billion users by 2018, social media is set to be one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. This shift towards online marketing is also evident …

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