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Beyond the Pay check: Priorities for the Australian Job Seeker

Happiness in the workplace is a consistent concern for employers and employees alike. Even before, the correlation between work output, employee satisfaction, and underemployment are relevant to overall business success and individual fulfillment. Unfortunately, underemployment has been on the rise. Since 2000, underemployed workers have outnumbered people who are unemployed. In fact, the underemployment rate …

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Millennial Education – The Modern Trainee

  The way we engage with the world is changing. Everything is instant – from the news and media we consume, to the way we share and receive communications. Technology is completely ingrained in millennial culture and the generation that followed. However, despite the ubiquity of technology for these generations, education and training has been …

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Optimise LMS Education with Virtual Reality

    Complementing education with virtual and augmented reality is a hot topic. Thanks to the immersive and engaging educational environment provided by virtual reality, you can optimise your learning management system to get the best out of your students whether they are an auditory, kinaesthetic or visual learner. Virtual reality can transport learners anywhere …

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Trends Affecting Services Industry Employment Growth 

With advances in technology changing the nature of work and the skills required to support the Australian economy, it’s important to stay one step ahead and ensure that our education and training systems are growing with our students. Innovation is a fundamental element in securing future success for the service industries, and because of it there are …

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Retail Trends for 2016

The year 2016 has come. Time does fly fast but business simply cannot be left behind. Even as 2015 has yet to formally end, it’s best to get acquainted with next year’s retail trends so you can get ahead and possibly tick off more of your business goals.   Modest growth rates For starters, the Australian …

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Brisbane and Gold Coast Hospitality Event: Half Day Workshop

On 17th and 18th February, the Gold Coast and Brisbane (respectively) will each host a half day workshop on ‘How to Dramatically Increase Restaurant & Café Profits in 90 Days (Or Less)’. Restaurant and café owners will learn how a local Queensland restaurant owner was able to buck the trend and increase his net profit …

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Global Growth Secured for Gloria Jean’s Future

QLD Gloria Jean’s Coffees (GJ’s) Franchisees are set to experience greater success in 2014 with the proposed acquisition of the brand by Singapore-based firm Global Yellow Pages (GYP). The acquisition will be finalised in March 2014. GYP has set its sights on ensuring greater global success for the GJ’s brand, with a push to expand …

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Research Reveals Truths for QLD Hospitality Industry

Recently Redmako conducted research to investigate the quality of services provided to Queensland hospitality business owners. The results were astounding. In all of Queensland, only one full service business brokerage firm truly specialised in business sales within the hospitality industry. Results show that while Redmako Business Sale’s portfolio of businesses for sale are 100% hospitality …

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High Profile Brisbane Restaurant Closures – Struggling industry?

In the past month, four major hospitality venues have announced closures: Bistro One Eleven, Ortiga, Sardine Tin and Piaf. Whilst media outlets are labelling our hospitality scene as ‘the struggling industry’, we’re not quite so sure. Owners have told The Courier Mail  that rising electricity, rent, staff penalty rates and car park costs are the …

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National Audit Targeting Restaurants, Cafés and Catering

The Fair Work Ombudsmen (FWO) recently began its national audit of cafes, restaurants and catering businesses to ensure they are complying with Australian minimum wage and record keeping requirements. Up to 1,500 businesses will be targeted – many of these will be given notice, but FWO has warned they will also conduct on-the-spot visits and …

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