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Enriching Customer Experiences



How Investing on Your Staff Provides Better Business Performance

  Whether you’re running a start-up business or a Fortune 500 company, factors surrounding the happiness and competence of your employees can affect the overall performance of your business. Aspects such as employee benefits, workplace culture, and growth opportunities all play a vital role in keeping your employees motivated at what they do.  A business’ success relies …

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How NOT to be on the Food Hall of Shame

The worst thing that can happen to any catering business is not having any customers. What if the reason you have no customers is because you’ve gained a reputation for making people ill? Potential customers thinking your eatery has unhygienic practices could cripple your business but actually giving someone food poisoning? That could put it …

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What Makes an Awesome Loyalty Program?

Creating loyal customers is like making friends. You can’t expect your clients to give you their trust right away. You need to understand and treat them well. You have to communicate with them and give them what they need and like, too. Giving away a thoughtful treat or two can do wonders, which is why …

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5 Tips to Make Your Customers Feel Appreciated

Customers each have a different story to tell. Some may be having a crappy day while some may be having the best day of their life. In the hospitality industry, you meet people from different walks of life; people who for some reason or another, chose to spend time in your restaurant or café. Every …

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Negative Feedback on Social Media Can Be a Disaster. Here’s how You Can Handle it Like a Boss.

The trend of using social media as a tool for marketing has been a tactic among big and small businesses for over a decade now. Predicted to have 2.5 billion users by 2018, social media is set to be one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. This shift towards online marketing is also evident …

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An Unexpected Fairytale: Advocacy Campaigns and Customers

If you’re not living under a rock, then you have probably seen or read the story of Cinderella. If not, it’s basically about a girl who faced a series of unfortunate events because of her stepmother and two stepsisters. Further in the story, she attends a ball and meets a prince then the clock strikes …

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Un-Serviced Service: The Future of Restaurants & Cafes?

Internationally, there’s a wave of hospitality businesses experimenting with technology to reinvent their service experience, which is also having the effect of slashing their labour costs. Whilst some of the examples we’ve referenced below might seem extreme, further industry disruption by technology is inevitable. So is un-serviced service the way of the future or are …

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Dancing Chefs Extraordinaire! (Plus Other Great Ways to Stand Out in Business)

Becoming – and remaining – a prominent and dominant force in the crowded world of business can be quite tricky. This always holds true, whether you are just starting your own business or already own a successful restaurant or cafe in your area. Unfortunately, with the sheer number of businesses all vying for the attention …

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Facebook Page Health Check for Hospitality Businesses

Have your expectations of the grand Facebook let you down? It’s the platform with promises, but too many hospitality businesses are struggling to see real results and benefits from using it. If this is you, you may need to do a ‘health check’ of your Facebook page. Are you ‘socially awkward’? In other words, do …

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Hot Fresh Marketing on a Plate!

Do you know your customers like the back of your hand? Put yourself in their shoes: look at your website, promotional material, design, menu, and all branding from the eyes of a regular customer. We know you LOVE your business, but try not to be biased. The only way to be better than the adjacent …

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