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Cultivating Soft Skills in Students for Success in the Workplace

  Nowadays, employers continue to observe a lack of ‘soft skills’ among graduates whenever they search for jobs. Multiple surveys have continuously ranked certain soft skills like team collaboration and verbal & written communication as top requirements for job seekers, and that problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail are among the missing soft skills …

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Millennial Education – The Modern Trainee

  The way we engage with the world is changing. Everything is instant – from the news and media we consume, to the way we share and receive communications. Technology is completely ingrained in millennial culture and the generation that followed. However, despite the ubiquity of technology for these generations, education and training has been …

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Optimise LMS Education with Virtual Reality

    Complementing education with virtual and augmented reality is a hot topic. Thanks to the immersive and engaging educational environment provided by virtual reality, you can optimise your learning management system to get the best out of your students whether they are an auditory, kinaesthetic or visual learner. Virtual reality can transport learners anywhere …

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Launch of first Virtual Reality classrooms in QLD

In a first for Queensland, Brisbane based company Redmako Learning is set to change the education system with the launch of Virtual Classrooms in 2018.  Redmako Learning is fusing Diplomas with an advanced virtual reality (VR) platform to enhance the process and maximise the potential of our Queensland students; the technology can “teleport” students to different environments all over the world to create real industry …

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Does eLearning Sell Australian Students Short – Or Do Its Critics?

  If nothing else, the concept of eLearning has captured enough media attention to warrant a thorough questioning. In a society that demands higher productivity while reducing the time that everyone has to better himself, eLearning seems to be the perfect match of convenience and efficiency that the education industry is looking for. In Australia, …

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Harnessing Virtual Reality to Enhance STEM Education

Dr. Alan Finkel, Australia’s Chief Scientist, notes that by studying Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), Australians can open diverse career paths that offer numerous job options. The key, he adds, is that at all educational levels, students must be prepared for those roles. In spite of similar data being true for the United States …

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Hospitality Training Venues – Do They Really Matter?  

As the Australian economy grows and diversifies, the outlook for jobs constantly changes. It’s up to us at Redmako Learning to keep our students focused on the skills that will equip them to take up those jobs. It’s our responsibility to guide them in making sound training pathway choices, which means providing them with the best opportunities. With the focus on helping our students develop their employability …

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