Recognising the Potential of Vocational Education as a Pathway to Success

In today’s modern times where new, in-demand, and niched job requirements emerge every few years, it’s important for today’s generation to learn specific skills even before landing their first job. Because Australia’s education system is regarded as one of the best in the world, it is able to provide a relevant learning experience for its […]

6 Benefits of Qualifications in Starting a Career

Your first steps will be some of the hardest in your career journey. Aside from the all too common feeling of uncertainty, you will probably have trouble seeing how your choices ultimately connect with your goals. Having the right qualifications will give you the boost you need to begin and pursue your desired path. For […]

4 Facts to Help You Manage Your ATAR Anxiety

Teens know just how tough high school can be. In fact, students are subject to tremendous stress, with about 65 per cent of students feeling stressed at any given point. Unfortunately, stress levels for Year 12 students in Australia can be much stronger for students to handle. Considered as a vital factor in university admissions, […]

What You Need to Know About Restaurant Revenue Management

A restaurant business can be tedious to maintain and run, especially when you’re aiming to increase its revenue, and improve yields. However, since restaurant management requires expertise in a number of areas such as point of sale optimization and inventory management, some owners may easily lose focus on factors that will help their business grow. […]

The Importance of Employee Happiness in Marketing your Business

Companies spend a lot of money on various marketing strategies reaching far and wide. However, a lot of them are forgetting that there is a marketing strategy that involves just reaching out closely: making their employees happy.   Unbeknownst to a lot of companies, happy employees bring about a lot of benefits to the company […]

Recruiters are Smarter Than Ever: Here’s How You Stay on Top and Get Interviews

Innovation is inevitable across all aspects of life. Even when it comes to job hunting, new technologies are making a big change on how things are done. As jobseekers are finding the right tools online to make their job search easier and faster, job hunters are also equipping themselves with platforms that make it more […]

Actionable Tips in Landing an Apprenticeship

Now that the competition in any job market has become tighter than ever, it’s essential to set yourself apart by showing an unprecedented level of experience and know-how. If you’re a first-time job seeker, you might be worried about getting stuck in a catch-22. Getting  a solid experience before even applying for a job can […]

8 Substantial Tips Every Student Must Embrace Before Applying for Internships

Going out into the ‘real world’ after graduation can bring a smorgasbord of emotions. While you can get really excited at first as you look back into what you have accomplished as a student, anxiety and fear can sometimes kick in as you look into the future – and for good reason.   Especially true […]

Immortalizing Time Management for Workplace Success

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when trying to improve productivity in the workplace is time management. Without proper time management, a business may suffer a number of setbacks which can hurt productivity, working dynamics, as well as a business’ bottom line. Though making major adjustments in your organization can sound […]

The Emergence of Gig Economy: What Does This Mean for Today’s Educators & Students?

As technologies evolve through the years, easier work arrangements have become more common, allowing professionals to offer their services remotely on a normal basis. This phenomenon gave way to the birth of the ‘Gig Economy’, where freelancers work on their own time at their own pace, as long as their client’s demands are satisfied. While […]