Actionable Tips in Landing an Apprenticeship

actionable tips in landing an apprenticeship with you

Now that the competition in any job market has become tighter than ever, it’s essential to set yourself apart by showing an unprecedented level of experience and know-how. If you’re a first-time job seeker, you might be worried about getting stuck in a catch-22. Getting  a solid experience before even applying for a job can […]

8 Substantial Tips Every Student Must Embrace Before Applying for Internships

8 substantial tips every student must embrace before applying for internships with you

Going out into the ‘real world’ after graduation can bring a smorgasbord of emotions. While you can get really excited at first as you look back into what you have accomplished as a student, anxiety and fear can sometimes kick in as you look into the future – and for good reason.   Especially true […]

Immortalizing Time Management for Workplace Success

immortalizing time management for workplace successpriorities for the australian job seeker

One of the most important aspects to keep in mind when trying to improve productivity in the workplace is time management. Without proper time management, a business may suffer a number of setbacks which can hurt productivity, working dynamics, as well as a business’ bottom line. Though making major adjustments in your organization can sound […]

The Emergence of Gig Economy: What Does This Mean for Today’s Educators & Students?

the emergence of gig economy

As technologies evolve through the years, easier work arrangements have become more common, allowing professionals to offer their services remotely on a normal basis. This phenomenon gave way to the birth of the ‘Gig Economy’, where freelancers work on their own time at their own pace, as long as their client’s demands are satisfied. While […]

Proven Benefits of Apprenticeship in Businesses

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In general, most businesses see apprenticeship programs as an added liability. Sponsoring an apprentice can be costly and tedious for a business. However, despite a rise in popularity and proven benefits, apprenticeship opportunities for businesses aren’t fully understood and utilized by organizations. Apprenticeships have a number of benefits that will provide a positive impact both […]

Confidence: The Key Ingredient in Job Hunting and Career Success

confidence the key ingredient in job hunting and career success

One of the most crucial aspects of job hunting is a person’s confidence. Never underestimate its importance because a lack of self-confidence might eventually sabotage your career. If you yourself can’t believe in your capabilities and expertise, how else can you convince a potential employer – who is a total stranger – to hire you […]

Picking Top Talent: How to Lure the Best Professionals

picking top talent how to lure the best professionals

Searching for the right people for the job isn’t easy, let alone hiring them to work at your company. The people you need will definitely have strong talent and commitment to their work and are usually employed at a different organization, making it hard to land star employees that excel in what they do. If […]

When Headsets and Classrooms Collide: Redmako Learning’s Virtual Reality Courses Take Students in to their Next Level of Excellence

virtual reality courses take students in to their next level of excellence

Redmako Learning is hosting Morning Tea events to launch the 2019 programs that will keep students engaged and accelerate them into success in the real world.  Redmako Learning will exhibit over 25 courses to add value to curriculums and introduce the expansion of VR Classrooms. These courses allow students to learn in an engaging environment, utilising advanced technologies and access optimum training, which in turn creates ample employment opportunities upon completion.  Explore the […]

Cultivating Soft Skills in Students for Success in the Workplace

cultivating soft skills in students for success in the workplace

Nowadays, employers continue to observe a lack of ‘soft skills’ among graduates whenever they search for jobs. Multiple surveys have continuously ranked certain soft skills like team collaboration and verbal & written communication as top requirements for job seekers, and that problem-solving, critical thinking, and attention to detail are among the missing soft skills among […]

Beyond the Pay check: Priorities for the Australian Job Seeker

priorities for the australian job seeker

Happiness in the workplace is a consistent concern for employers and employees alike. Even before, the correlation between work output, employee satisfaction, and underemployment are relevant to overall business success and individual fulfillment. Unfortunately, underemployment has been on the rise. Since 2000, underemployed workers have outnumbered people who are unemployed. In fact, the underemployment rate […]