How Neglecting Your Facebook Page = Neglecting Your Business

The Facebook Page has now become the new storefront, and the Newsfeed the new busy street full of potential customers and clients. Still, some companies fail to see the importance of creating and maintaining an updated and engaging Facebook account. While tried-and-tested marketing strategies are great, failing to embrace the change brought about by technology […]

June Completions Taking the Pressure Off the End of Year 12  

Doing something last minute has become commonplace when it comes to study and school. According to, Year 12 students have thought of exam season as “a stressful box-ticking exercise that prize performance over mastery and data over potential.” Exams and deadlines loom above their heads, leaving them with no choice but to get through […]

5 Benefits of Work-Life Balance

Gone are the days when working overtime was glorified. Recent studies show that finding the right rhythm between work and leisure time is better for you all round. Here are five benefits that arise from having work and life balance. Healthier in mind and body According to, working long hours is bad for your […]

Working Mum Life: Striking a Balance

Mums these days feel the pressure to have an outstanding career while being a great homemaker at the same time. In order to get a clearer picture of this common predicament, we sat down with Julie, a working mum of 2 kids , and asked her about how she juggles raising children while earning that bread. […]

Social Media Career Opportunities

This year, Redmako Learning have availed the Diploma of Social Media Marketing for enrolments by secondary school students. The social media industry is exploding and the ‘new economy’ this is producing is vast – with hundreds of thousands of new jobs & careers predicted over the upcoming years. If equipping your students to enter this […]

Virtual Reality Changing Education

What if we told you there’s a newer way to learn? While books are classics, education can now be delivered in Virtual Reality. This cool, innovative, and creative way of studying is bound to make your experience better. How? We list down 5 reasons VR education is awesome!   No commutes! Say goodbye to getting […]

5 Reasons to Study Diploma of Social Media Marketing

The demand for digital marketing professionals will only improve in the foreseeable future. And while anybody can use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, not everyone can call themselves a certified digital marketing expert. This is also the reason the demand for social media marketing education is high in both academic and professional curriculums. Below are just […]

The Power of Social Media Marketing in Numbers and Trends

To downplay the power of social media marketing in today’s digital landscape is absurd. Businesses make or break via simple Tweet. Empires are built with simple Pages. Sales can skyrocket with a simple Share. Today’s influence of social media to your business is more powerful than ever. This is a call to all business owners: […]

Is That Business Diploma Really What You Need to Boost Your Career?

The age of the “company man” is over. Corporations no longer have as large of a need for labour. Highly skilled workers are the only ones getting traditional jobs these days, and even those are highly contested. Generic degrees, even from university, are useless to these employers. The correct answer to, “Do you have any […]

Riding the Growth of the Travel and Tourism Industry

The booming tourism industry has increased the demand for hospitality businesses that cater to this sector. This phenomenon creates opportunities for new businesses to open and for existing ones to expand.  There is an increasing demand for talented personnel for this growth to be sustained. By helping train and develop well-skilled employees in this field, the skill […]