Schools Team

celeste grice schools account manager

Celeste Grice

Schools Account Manager

I want to care for your school and students! Each day I’m out pounding the pavement, networking with businesses or providing training solutions to your school and students. I am focused on your schools training needs and I’m here to solve all your problems.  I love what I do, creating opportunities for young people and supporting them along their pathway to success. It is truly inspirational!

mecca balandang

Marie Balandang

School Coordinator

Whilst Celeste’s out ‘pounding the pavement’, some real work’s got to be done – cue me! I schedule appointments for Celeste and promote our new and exciting diploma in-schools program with virtual reality. My mission is to encourage schools that incorporating technology can maximise the future academic and professional prospects of enrolled students.

roumel sy

Roumel Sy

School & Student Ambassador

I’m here to support you, whether you call yourself an ILO, VET Coordinator, etc, etc -> I’m here for you! Each week I’ll send you a list of Traineeship vacancies we have in your area. Anytime we have one of your students successfully attain a Traineeship position I’ll be in touch to discuss school impact and complete an ETES if you choose. Then from time to time I’ll give you a quick call to discuss vacancies & check-in to ensure you’re happy with the way training is progressing for your students. I’m based in our office, hence readily available for a chat if you have any questions or concerns!

andy brennan

Andy Shaw

Senior Learning & Development Consultant

The privilege to be influential in helping shape the hospitality landscape is pretty special to me! I love working with young people and really helping them find another route to success and achievement that they may not have previously considered. Learning can take many forms, but I love the hands-on nature of vocational training in the workplace. Conducting our sessions in this comfortable, familiar environment often gives students the chance to thrive and really grow their skills and their confidence. My team have a passion for great coffee, great food and phenomenal service and we can’t wait to influence your students with this & together, continue to raise the standards across the region and help your students to achieve higher goals.