About Redmako Learning

Redmako Learning aspire to be a great organisation via attracting and retaining a bunch of smart and passionate team members and then cultivating them in a really healthy environment. We operate in specialist industry niches, having engaging trainers inspire their trainees with their knowledge, experience and well curated resources. We want to make a difference, we want to be Influential & we likely want to do this with you!

Our Mission

We are learning specialists, committed to fulfilling your potential. We craft learning solutions that are inspired by you; centered on you; tailored for you.

Our Story

The story of Redmako Learning began in 2010. A lack of industry-relevant, high quality training for employees initially in the hospitality industry, was limiting their potential & stymieing the progress of the industry. Business owners were frustrated, team members were unmotivated, and change – on a massive scale – was demanded.

Redmako Learning began with the vision of delivering up-to-date, dynamic and innovative, Government certified training, tailored by professionals for professionals. It began with passionate people who’d worked in, managed or owned cafes, restaurants, bars and other hospitality businesses. Whilst Redmako Learning has since expanded to care for stakeholders in different industries, it upholds standards befitting the obligation bestowed on it to influence trainees lives for the better and recognises this is best achieved via passionate trainers infecting learners with their enthusiasm!

Our Values

I am Influential. I understand my role in helping achieve your success, to inspire you and the next generation of professionals for the advancement of our industry.

I am Caring. I give personal focus and serious attention to every person I work with.

I am Accountable. I strive to demonstrate professionalism, honesty and diligence, whilst building long-term relationships, mutual respect and everlasting opportunities.

I am Resourceful. I leverage our resources, skills and knowledge to capitalise on new markets and opportunities.

I am Passionate. I enrich your life with innovative practices, procedures and technology to enhance your knowledge and experience.

I am Redmako.

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